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  1. Offers of accommodation. At the moment PRIVATE RENTAL accommodation is the priority. If you have a flat or house to rent (not a room), or know someone who does, please [email protected] OR York City Council [email protected]
  2. Please hold on to clothes, household items, small furniture at this stage until we know who is coming. Lots of offers of donations are coming in and we thank you. We are sure they will be used, but we need to just wait a little.
  3. Offers of help with your time & skills – once we have news of numbers and what is needed we will contact you
  4. Financial donations – this is very needed and if you are able to donate, please do so, even a small amount will help us buy essentials such as toiletries, toys, and other small items to make the refugees feel at home when they arrive. You can donate from our website LINK  or contact us directly. 100% of ALL donations go to the refugees
  5. Businesses in York. If you are a business owner or know a business in York, we are looking for donations both practical (toiletries, clothes, small electrical goods, kitchenware etc. ) and financial help.