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Supporting Newcomers to York

York is a City of Sanctuary and the UK’s first Human Rights City. Its history is criss-crossed with other cultures, from the Romans to the Vikings in past times, to the cosmopolitan city of today. Since 2016, our Charity has played a vital role in supporting and welcoming people who come here seeking a new life.

The plight of those who find themselves unable to return to their country of origin is increasing world-wide. More than ever we need to work together to help people fleeing war, persecution, poverty and climate change. York City of Sanctuary is local and has the expertise to help on the ground. The necessary steps of financing specialised legal help, finding accommodation and work, plus education and language support, are just a few of the ways in which we lead.

“York City of Sanctuary is proud to offer ‘new Yorkers’ support, advice, friendship and the means to achieve their goals”
Paul Wordsworth, Co-ordinator York City of Sanctuary

What We Do

York City of Sanctuary is a registered Charity, and part of the UK City of Sanctuary network. We promote an environment of understanding and compassion within the city. We work closely with regional and national institutions and places of education, including support for Universities of Sanctuary and Schools of Sanctuary. At a grassroots level, we support individuals and families who find themselves in York and are unable to return to their countries of origin. As well as assisting refugees who arrive in the city as part of government schemes, York City of Sanctuary works with our partners within the wider Yorkshire region. We have a dedicated and passionate Board of Trustees and an active team of volunteers, and welcome new ones.

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On 1st October 2016 York City of Sanctuary received national recognition, joining the City of Sanctuary community. We are also proudly affiliated with the University of York and York St John University, both Universities of Sanctuary