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Equality Matters Masterclass: Human Rights in a World on the Move

A University of York event – via Zoom
Wednesday 20 January 2021, 4pm
Free admission, booking required

Event details
If you had to flee home today to save your family, could you build a new life in another country? Could you go to court and prove — in a second or third language — that you should be allowed to stay? If the laws of your new home barred you from working, how would you survive? Globally, 80 million people have been forced from their homes due to conflict or persecution. In theory, they have a wide range of rights. In practice, these rights are routinely violated: internment, wage theft, exclusion and exploitation are rampant. How do we change this? Emily will discuss what’s needed — and what stands in the way.

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York City of Sanctuary works in several ways. As well as seeking to promote an environment of understanding and compassion within the city, we visit institutions and places of education to give talks and lead discussions. We also work with individual refugees or asylum seekers who for whatever reason find themselves in York and are unable to return to their countries of origin. As well as assisting refugees who come to York as part of government schemes, York City of Sanctuary co-ordinates visits to the city by refugees from the environs with the help of an active team of volunteers.

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