York City of Sanctuary
Financial Report
Year Ending 31st March 2019

Our income for the year totals £10.9k of which £6.7k is restricted funds donated by individuals for specific projects designated by them. The balance received of £4.2k is unrestricted general funds of which £3.0k is a grant from Joseph Rowntree Foundation and £1.2k has been received from other individuals, Church groups and organisations.

Overall our total income has increased by £2.4k when compared to last year (£8.4k) although when looking at the comparisons to the unrestricted element of the total funds we find the funds received this year of £4.2k equate closely to those funds received last year (£4.4k).

With unrestricted income holding at this level, and hopefully going forward it will increase, coupled by the reduction in the costs for office accommodation and administration, (£1.8k 2019 £3.0k 2018) we have been able to increase our spending on specific programmes and individual support to refugees and asylum seekers by 12%. (£7.5k 2019 £6.7k 2018).

Throughout this financial year almost 90% of all spending has been targeted towards individual needs (53%, £7.9k) and specific outreach programmes (34%, £5.1k) of which the Guardian Fund contributed 25%, £3.8k.
The year 2019 ends with retained funds of £14.5k, (£18.5k 2018) of which only £60 is restricted (£3.85k 2018).

Maintaining our ratio of reserves to spending we are in a position to utilize £4.5k on supportive programmes in the coming year. This fund I trust will grow through continuing income and allow us to achieve our budgeted expenditure of £6.9k.

We have had a consolatory year financially but we are still able to meet the supportive needs of our refugees and asylum seekers in York and also reach out with financial and non-­financial support in our regions.

The ethos of giving that our charity attracts widely, allows for the continuing large discrepancy between the true costs of our support and programmes. This non-­financial element of support we receive from friends of and volunteers to York City of
Sanctuary far exceeds the financial input we are able to give.
It is recognised and appreciated that without this contribution, much of the work we are undertaking would not be viable at our current levels of income.

Michael Worthington

City of Sanctuary UK Information