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Our first booking for the Welcome to York programme of 2019 comprised 21 visitors aged 16-18 plus 4 helpers who came on Saturday 23rd February. There was support from 5 York helpers and 3 students plus a staff member from Bootham School.
The group were organised by our partners from Bradford and consisted of 3 girls and 18 boys, who had all come to the UK as unaccompanied minors. Many are currently living in hostels or in group houses with a mentor.
This is the first time we have hosted a younger age group and they came with enthusiasm and exuberance. It was a good day with visits to the Minster and Castle museum. As it was the Viking festival week, all groups walked through the Viking stalls in Parliament Street and some groups watched the Vikings ‘battle’ on the Eye of York.
A local café was used to create lunch of vegetarian sandwiches, cakes and fruit. The Friends Meeting House in Friargate gave us a room for an hour and laid on water and hot drinks. The room was pleasant and it was more than over-filled for 33 people!
We probably need to offer some sporting activities for this age range of visitors. Bootham School have offered to arrange a football match. That can be explored for another visit.
The three students from Bootham School were delightful- engaging with our visitors and explaining things to them.

Another group of visitors came on 2nd March

A full report on this visit will be produced