At the meeting of the York City of Sanctuary Management Group on April 11th 2017, it was unanimously agreed that our organisation wishes to pledge its support of the Declaration on April 24th that York is to become a Human Rights City.

York City of Sanctuary engages in welcoming and supporting those who come to the city in need of sanctuary. Many are fleeing war, persecution, violence, or oppression, and therefore are looking to find a place of safety and refuge which the framework of universal human rights will provide for them.

Our organisation welcomes the Declaration and recognises that it builds on solid foundations, but also is aspirational. York as a Human Rights city will be a model of what a vibrant, diverse, fair and safe community can look like. It is not an impossible dream.

We commit to assisting the dream and the vision become a stronger reality.

We commit to helping the whole community to an understanding of the fundamental importance of human rights in safeguarding the quality of life of all in the community.

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